Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Inko's White Tea: Honeysuckle (Unsweetened)

I don't normally review bottled beverages, but more and more companies are taking quality teas and turning them into cold, bottled refreshments, so the first contributing company is Inko's White Tea. They sent about 6 different kinds of their white tea, including an energy drink, and the Honeysuckle looked the most appealing and unique. As expected, it is absolutely delicious.

The honeysuckle flavor is surprisingly strong, probably because the white tea is so delicate and light. The tea tastes very light and flowery, and without sugar, the flavors come through even more strongly, with flowery, honeysuckle flavor stepping in where sugar would normally be. This would probably be my regular cold tea if I lived near a place I could buy it in bulk. It's delicious, and flowery, and refreshing. I can't promise to love the fruit-flavored teas quite as much, but this is unique, light and refreshing. It's excellent.

Description: Zero sugar, zero calories...but PLENTY of taste! Inko's Unsweetened Honeysuckle features the fragrant, floral aroma of blooming honeysuckle and an elegant taste that is unlike anything you've ever wrapped your lips around.

The Good: great flowery, naturally sweet flavor, refreshing tea
The Bad: none